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Monica Patten, Executive Director: Community Foundation of Canada

Monica Patten, CFC Executive Director

Like it or not, transitions are a part of life. A media release from our national association, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) reminded me again of that fact.

The media release announced that CFC Executive Director Monica Patten was leaving her position effective in 2011.The transition will be a significant one for the organization. The media release noted that Monica has been Executive Director for 17 years. She took over a brand new association and has helped it grow to a membership of over 170 community foundations across the country. At our national conference in 2011, member foundations will have the opportunity to express our appreciation to Monica for her service on our behalf.

Since transitions are a fact of life, whether we like them or not, we deal with them. Because community foundations always think in the long term (perpetuity is our favorite word), even significant changes such as replacing the top executive in the organization are handled with planning to avoid disruption. Philanthropy is too vital an act to let transitions stall its good work so we plan for changes to happen in good order.

The thought of transitions in our personal lives draws our attention to our own personal succession planning. Is our legacy of philanthropy to pass by happenstance to others without direction and the resources needed? Better to take the opportunity to pass our legacy of charitable actions on to the next generation through a well defined plan of action. Let us start that succession planning today. Send me an e-mail. I will be happy to discuss how you can set up an endowed fund at the WindsorEssex Community Foundation as part of your philanthropic legacy.

Glenn Stresman

Recent survey’s show that less than half of Canadians have a valid will.  Do you agree with that statement?

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