The Pulse of our Community

As many of you are aware, the deadline for submitting applications for our Fall grant round has just passed. Now we are in the process of reviewing them.

Grant applications are a window into the body and soul of the community. Not only do the applications give us a sense of the resources that local charities need to meetcommunity needs, they give us an image of the hopes and aspirations of our area’s voluntary sector. The Toronto Community Foundation realized this several years ago and used the applications process to start a very successful program called Vital Signs®. Watch for Vital Signs® reports for communities across Canada to be released next month – they will make for interesting and informative reading.

This past week, the United Way of Windsor — Essex released its 2009 Community Well-Being Report. The second in a series of reports, this year’s edition also speaks to the physical and mental health of our community. I commend the authors of the report for their work for they have looked deeply into the physical reality of living in this area. As an example, the report details the increased incidence of asthma in Windsor and Essex. That statistic, alone, is a call to action for this grandparent to work at removing airborne pollutants and keeping them out of the environment that my grandchildren breathe.

Going forward, there is a lot to do for all of the charities in this region. The Community Foundation is pleased to provide financial assistance to as many of these charities as our resources allow.

As soon as the grant review process is completed, it will be time to write next month’s article. That blog posting will give me the opportunity to talk more about a new Community Foundation initiative called, “Random Acts of Kindness.” Until then …



Glenn Stresman, Executive Director of the WindsorEssex Community Foundation

Glenn Stresman is the Executive Director of the WindsorEssex Community Foundation and is Certified Fund Raising Executive with over 20 years experience in both writing and evaluating grant applications.