A daily reminder of Random Acts of Kindness

Every day when I leave the Community Foundation’s parking lot, I am reminded that random acts of kindness abound. Our parking lot opens on to Ouellette Ave. by the railroad underpass. For most times of the day, merging into traffic is manageable. However by the afternoon rush hour, traffic is bumper to bumper, stop and go, with no opportunity for cars entering to merge into the traffic stream.

So I pull up to the edge of the line of traffic, expecting to wait forever, but within the span of one or two cars passing, a driver slows down and motions for me to slide into the stream ahead of him or her. It never fails – every day I see people helping other drivers with simple, random acts of kindness that speed up their ride home.

About 100 meters down the road, there is another traffic bottleneck, so I look for the opportunity to pay it forward.  I slow down and look for the opportunity to let someone move into traffic ahead of me.

On November 1, we will celebrate Windsor’s 4th annual Random Act of Kindness Day and I will gladly tell the server at the Tim Horton’s line that I am buying coffee for the driver behind me in hopes that the person receiving it is one of the countless drivers who are so courteous on our stretch of Ouellette Ave. on busy afternoons. I can hardly wait!

Glenn Stresman


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